In today's digital environment, the continuous and progressive construction of application delivery is necessary for an effective IT framework to be combined seamlessly with the production workflow and industry.

IFoyem Group, a leading supplier of DevOps Consultancy & DevOps Services to the Enterprise, facilitates the deployment of broad apps at the speed of client industry in an changing complexity of growth through Agile DevOps tools to simplify continuous production – separated into accurate, well-organized and coherent architecture and organizational workflows..

# Infrastructure Management

# Configuration Management

# Environment Setup

# Continuous Integration

# Continuous Monitoring

# Test Automation

# Build Automation

# Continuous Delivery

Our effective and well-planned DevOps orchestration approach makes this happen by integrating company goals, resource chains, growth and operating departments with structured and simplified IT processes and specialist DevOps consultancy.


Continuous Preparation entails DevOps contractors who set goals and targets by reviewing current procedures and structures in order to prepare a detailed roadmap. We use industry-leading tech platforms and frameworks such as Docker, Puppet, Selenium, etc to achieve smooth DevOps automation.

# Setting goals and milestones.

# Comprehensive evaluation process.

# Strategizing roadmap.

# Illustration of roadmap.

Continuous development means that the latest up-to-date and tested technology is still readily accessible to users. CI can avoid expensive production delays by encouraging several developers to operate on the same source code with trust, rather than trying to merge different parts of the project at once on release day.

# Code validation

# Technical architecture

# Close collaboration

# Delay prevention


Continuous Deployment (CD) is a software engineering process where design updates by various team members are continuously scheduled for submission to the production area. We conduct continuous deployment using AWS Software Pipeline, which helps you to create a pipeline that constructs software in AWS CodeBuild, executes automatic checks, and deploys code.

# Identifying risk factors

# Automation testing

# Change management

# Release management

# Performance optimization

Monitoring DevOps helps detect output problems, quality concerns, and technical consistency concerns until they impact end users. The main management strategies include maintaining an eye on both the pre-development and development worlds, as well as the Program Monitoring Tools (APMs) covering Cloud, Server and Network Monitoring.

# Continuous feedback.

# Aligning client expectations.

# Overall continuous monitoring.

# Achieving business goals.

# Functionality monitoring.

We merge DevOps activities with AWS resources to develop and produce goods more easily and efficiently.


Collaborate on product creation through version management, job monitoring, and continuous integration and deployment in both cloud and on-site application of Azure DevOps Resources.


We partner with leading network vendors and DevOps service providers.

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