The Foyem Party believes in 'Prevention of Review.' We offer QA Testing services as an important part of a tech project. Employ QA specialists from the Foyem Community who have experience in several app testing services use different techniques and technology. Our QA specialists offer effective approaches to reduce risks. The robust software engineering methods are extended to several criteria such as features, behavior, efficiency, scalability, reliability, etc. Please find out the QA options we're providing.

Depending on the size and complexity of the software development project, the amount and order of QA tasks can differ. It relies on the nature of the research and the goals of the job. The first move, however, remains the same. Our QA experts must carry out a thorough review of the criteria for the creation of a software testing approach and implementation preparation. The explanation for this is to examine the device design and the hardware for anomalies. This helps to detect expensive early-stage mistakes. It occurs a few occasions that the QA report is planned along with the technique of the research programme.

• Requirement review.

• Test Strategy Design.

• Test Execution Plan.


We believe documentation is inevitable for the software development life cycle at IndiaNIC. We focus on high quality documentation which means that any member of the team can see the changes as soon as any requirements or documents are changed, added, updated, or deleted. Once the requirements are established, Our QA team writes and plans test cases using tools like TestRail and Zephyr. Test cases describe the actions which shall be performed by our QA engineers to ensure software functionalities.

• Test cases writing.

• Test cases planning.

• Test checklist and data creation.

• Test reports maintenance.

• Software quality metrics creation

We have robust QA manual and software testing services at any level, identify and monitor errors to ensure they are corrected prior to final product delivery. Our quality control department has expertise in many fields of research.

• Smoke Testing.

• GUI Testing.

• Database Testing.

• Sanity Testing.

• Exploratory Testing.

• Functional & Regression Testing.

• Product Verification Testing.

• Browser Compatibility Testing.

• End to End Testing.

Employ our Quality Assurance (QA) specialists who can instantly check the reliability of web applications — with unmatched scope, accuracy, and pace. Our QA team can build cases and run cross-browser UI tests by simulating real user behavior.

• Smoke testing

• Functional testing

• Regression testing

• Integration testing

• Field validation testing

• UI and mockup testing

• Acceptance testing

• Cross-browser testing

Mobility is a vital part of the approach of increasing company. Technical malfunctions and bad user interface are also discouraged from being used. The QA team at Foyem Group is all ready to cope with app nuances and to manage consumer questions via mobile testing expertise. We also effectively helped companies distribute their goods across multiple mobile platforms to offer smooth user experience.

• Functional Testing

• Compatibility Testing

• User Experience Testing

• Localization Testing

• Performance Testing

Our system will instantly check smartphone apps — through all major networks and smartphones. We will build and run practical, configuration, device and Ux tests and run them in tandem using our patented software specifications.

• Native apps testing

• Web apps testing

• Cross-platform app testing and support

• Use devices, emulators & cloud services for testing

• Run tests in parallel for speed

• Generate reports for 100% results visibility

Website / application crash is the most significant problem that results in the collapse of the site. The value monitoring facilities of Foyem Group make it possible for the commodity to survive a big load. Our committed QA department has experience in a high-volume research method for specific applications. Applications will be fully tested using our automated testing methodology during peak loads to insure that they work well as anticipated. Our Performance Monitoring Services enable the organization to achieve its targets with the services mentioned below.

• Load Testing

• Stress Testing

• Performance Assessment


Growing enterprise needs to concentrate on its software testing process to monitor the consistency of its service delivery. However, it presents a range of difficulties, such as backtracking or solving bugs that may result in a late phase or pause in the completion of the project. Test Consulting Services help businesses coordinate their product research plans and offer assistance to customers during their SDLC (Business Creation Life Cycle). We support companies to enhance their maturity by enhancing all phases of QA, including their staff, processes and goods.

• Test Plan/Strategy designing

• Test Tools recommendation

• Assessment of Test assets

• Test Process planning

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